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OBDSTAR X300DPはキャデラックATSL 2016のためのマイレージを調整します

OBDSTAR X300 DP tablet Key Programmer not only play with programming keys but also some special functions like program ECU , read Pin code, adjust Mileage etc. Really a higher level diagnostic tool for workshop or dealer. Here is step by step procedure of changing mileage for Cadillac ATSL 2016. Device: OBDSTAR X300DP PAD Tablet Key Programmer Vehicle: -Cadillac ATSL 2016 obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-1 Step1: Prepare Connect X300DP with vechile and open X300DP Press on START button obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-2 Step2: Choose vehicle information Choose “Mileage adjust” option and click on GM obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-3 Choose GM V30.45 to go on obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-4 Then choose Cadillac obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-5 Choose ATS2013- obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-6 Mileage adjustment (correction) obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-7 It is communicating… Step3: Adjust mileage The current mileage information obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-8 Input the new mileage and press ENTER to continue obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-9 Value: 3061 obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-10 It is communicating… The mileage value at presant obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-11 obdstar-x300dp-adjust-mileage-for-cadillac-12 Done! Successfully change mileage for Cadillac ATSL 2016 More info about OBDSTAR X300 DP,pls visit: From UOBDII Official Blog, post 3 Steps to Adjust Mileage for Cadillac ATSL 2016 with OBDSTAR X300DP